West Village Triangle

At the west end of the village, the garden club planted easy-maintenance flowering shrubs and perennials around the “Welcome to Amherst” sign.

About the Garden

The West Triangle is small, has no irrigation, and is viewed most often by people driving by at 35 miles per hour! It has presented challenges for all the gardeners who have volunteered to tend it, but through trial and error, and guidance from our Master Gardeners, we have figured out what works.

Achieving Balance — The large, white Rose-of-Sharon bush on the left side of the “Welcome to Amherst” sign has been in place for quite a while and has thrived. A second Rose-of-Sharon bush on the right side of the sign fell victim to an overeager snowplow driver. We replaced it, and the new shrub is growing steadily. Next to it a wiegela ‘Wine and Roses’ bush offers darker foliage and pretty dark pink flowers in June.

In 2020 we added native perennials in the blue and yellow color scheme. Purple coneflowers (Echinacea) and rudbeckia ‘Maya’ (Black-Eyed Susans) are planted in front of the sign, with penstemon ‘Husker Red’ and salvia ‘May Night’ filling out the front of the bed.

Yellow daffodils added a few years ago offer spring color, yellow daylilies provide reliable summer color, and tall sedum adds fall color.