Tree Pruning at MaryAnne’s Garden

The garden club is grateful to our resident arborist Lee Gilman for all the work he does in our civic gardens. This week Lee continued corrective pruning of the Callery pear tree in MaryAnne’s Garden.

This tree, planted roughly 17 years ago by the Chamberlain family, has sustained severe storm damage at least twice. Major limbs were lost, compromising the tree’s natural, oval shape. Lee has been working gradually to restore the tree’s shape.

Lee Gilman prunes tree at MayAnne’s Triangle while garden lead Dawn Burke picks up the branches

Tip! For all you do-it-yourselfers, we learned from Lee not to remove too much of the tree’s interior. On hot days when the crown is baking in the sun, a tree’s interior can remain a few degrees cooler. The leaves in these shadier pockets help sustain the tree during hot, dry periods.

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