Special Interest Groups

As a benefit of membership, the club offers several special interest groups. These groups have a specific focus, but they are also a chance to get together in smaller groups and socialize with other members.

Come try one out — you’ll find many friendly faces! You can sign up by clicking the SIGN UP! button on the right-hand side of the page.

Anyone can introduce a new special interest group by presenting the idea to the president. Over the years we have had a variety of groups, such as water gardening, bird group, and herbs. Current groups are listed below.

NEW! Side Shoots

Side Shoots, a new Special Interest Group for 2020, has been meeting weekly via Zoom and kicked off the season with vegetable gardening. Topics have ranged from companion planting to fertilizing young plants.

This group is open to all members and will operate primarily as an online discussion forum using the Side Shoots Google Group. This allows members the flexibility to participate as their schedules permit when topics of interest are discussed. If you are interested in joining
Side Shoots, please send email to Mary Ann Kuhnert. Happy Growing!


The Perennials + group meets the 3rd Thursday of each month (September through May) and explores ways of using perennials in the garden and the home as well as their cultivation. A fun and informative program is presented each month, based on the group’s interest. Details are published in the club’s newsletter.  Meetings are for club members only, although attendance is quite fluid, as members simply attend any group meetings that interest them.   For more information, contact committee chair Jayne Savage.

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Paper Flower Workshops

As part of giving back to the community, the club provides flower arrangements each month at the New Horizons Soup Kitchen in Manchester.  (See Giving page for more details.) Sometimes these arrangements are fresh flowers, but often the club makes stunning paper flower arrangements to adorn the soup kitchen’s dining room tables.

Interested members attend paper flower workshops co-chaired by Joan Poltack, Diane Merrithew, and Dawn Burke, where the flowers are each hand made.  Date, time and place for specific workshops may be found in the club’s monthly newsletter.

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