2022-2023 Governing Board


President: Jeanne Johnson
Vice President: Nancy Head
Secretary: Sally Varanka
Treasurer: Christy Belvin
Asst. Treasurer: (non-voting): Maureen Minner


Diana Owen Scholarship, Hospitality, Travel
Julie Hoag Bloomin’ Bucks, Horticultural Hints, Side Shoots
Barbara Williams Membership and Programs
Elise Lutz Plant Sale, Grapevine, Communications
Peggy Wallace Perennials +, Memory Tree, Environmental
Hannah McCarthy Nominating, SignUp Genius, Financial Review
Maureen Minner Civic Gardens, Charitable Fund, Publicity


Budget: Christy Belvin and Maureen Minner
Charitable Gift: Sue Spiess
Civic Gardens: Maureen Minner
Communications: Meg Clemens
Financial Review: Kathy Brundage and Hannah McCarthy
Hospitality: Patty Healey-Osborne
Horticulture Hint: Pam Newhouse
Membership: Barbara Williams and Sally Hooper
Memory Tree: Doffie Farrar
Nominating: Hannah McCarthy
Parliamentarian: Barbara Williams
Plant Sale: Marti Warren, Elise Lutz, and Karen Woodbury
Programs: Barbara Williams, Sheila Steele, Sue Makoweicki, and Marti Warren
Publicity: Becky Fitzgerald
Scholarship: Laurie Wenger
Sunshine: Sally Varanka
Newsletter: Lori Sinner
Website: Joan O’Brien
Yearbook: Meg Clemens
Zoom Assistance: Kathy Brundage

Special Interest Group Chairs

Bloomin’ Bucks: Marti Warren
Environmental Sustainability: Becky Stoughton
Fourth of July: TBA
Perennials +: Kathie Breen
Side Shoots: Mary Ann Kuhnert and Laura Fisher
Travel: Jan Madigan