Spring Cleanups in Our Civic Gardens

Although work in our civic gardens doesn’t begin in earnest until after the plant sale, many of our gardens benefit from a spring clean-up in April to look their best for spring-flowering bulbs.

Today at the North Triangle, Dawn Burke, Renée D’Agati, Jane McOsker, Joan O’Brien, and Mary Snaith worked together to pick up debris, rake, sweep, and mulch.

At MaryAnne’s Triangle last week, Susan Batchelder, Dawn Burke, Pat Legere, Marge McAdams, Joan O’Brien, Dee Pringle, Mary Thomson, and Barbara Warman did the same (sorry, no photo!).

Over at the Library, seven helpful members cut back some aggressive growers. Marti’s crew included Christy Belvin, Marge McAdams (who did double-duty that day!), and Debi McGivern, who brought her truck and took all the cuttings to the dump.

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