Plant Sale 2021

This much anticipated event takes place the Saturday before Mother’s Day each year. Sadly, the 2020 plant sale was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we are moving forward with plans for an online plant sale in May with curbside pickup. Details to follow on this page

Photos from Plant Sale 2019

(Courtesy of Manny Barreto, Marti Warren, Barbara Williams, and Sally Hooper)

Proceeds from the Plant Sale go back to the community. The money we raise pays for town beautification projects, educational programs that are free and open to the public, and worthy causes, such as scholarships for local high school students.

We sell locally grown plants — perennials, trees, shrubs, and grasses — all lovingly dug and potted by members of the garden club. Plant Sale 2019 Inventory

Save Your Empty Pots! If you have empty pots (6-inch or larger), we would love to have them for our next plant sale. You can bring empty pots to the fire station on Stearns Road. Leave them behind the garden house on the right, where you will see other pots.

2 thoughts on “Plant Sale 2021

  1. This is wonderful news ! My husband and I have been coming for years and this sale really kicks off the season for us. We won the raffle in 2019 and hope you’ll have another one this year. This is something to look forward to ! Be Safe everyone and we can’t wait to see the plants !

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