Modified Program for January Meeting

If you are a gardener you must also be interested in all the little and sometimes rather large insects that find a home in your garden. The January 7 speaker at the Amherst Garden Club will be Jeremy DeLisle from UNH talking about “Insects In Your Garden and Their Importance.”  There are many beneficial insects and this a good opportunity to hear why you want them in your garden and see what they look like. This months door prizes will be two copies of the book Good Bug, Bad Bug, by Jessica Walliser.

Original speaker Rachel Maccini was unable to make it so she recommended Jeremy, another wonderful speaker from UNH.  Why not bring a friend?

Since wintry weather has finally arrived, be sure to remember that if the Amherst Schools are closed due to weather, the AGC meeting will be canceled. If the schools are delayed, we will meet as usual.


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