Oct. 5 Daytime Meeting — How to Make Your Garden a Pollinator Paradise

Presented by Tom Sullivan

Meeting Times and Locations

Tom Sullivan

Pollinators play a vital role in the future of our food supply. But today native bees and butterflies face many threats, from climate chaos to pesticides. Like us, they need healthy food, shelter, and a poison-free environment in order to survive and nurture their young.

Pollinator habitat expert and former honey beekeeper Tom Sullivan will talk about what each of us can do to help our local pollinators thrive.

As an educator, speaker, and consultant, Tom is dedicated to rapidly increasing the extent of the native pollinator habitat. His sustainable landscape company, Pollinators Welcome, works with landowners to design pollinator-friendly habitats. He also teaches the skills needed to maintain these healthy environments, such as planting pesticide-free flowers, providing nesting sites, and actively advocating for the needs of these beneficial insects.

A door prize will be given.