May 7 Webinar: Encouraging Wildlife Diversity in Designed Landscapes

Presented by Matt Tarr

Due to the pandemic, our monthly meeting plans for May have changed. The daytime business meeting will be held online and not open to the public. Our monthly program will go forward as originally scheduled at 10:30 AM as an online webinar:

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As always, the public is welcome and encouraged to attend. A recorded version of the webinar will hopefully be available.

Matt Tarr, Wildlife State Specialist
Matt Tarr, Wildlife State Specialist

An abundance of wildlife is one of the best indicators of an ecologically well-designed landscape. By understanding how pollinators, birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians select their habitats during each season of the year, we can design landscapes that effectively attract and support a diversity of wildlife.

Matt will provide practical methods for designing ecologically complete landscapes that invite human interaction and transcend simple aesthetics through their functioning interconnected elements.

Join us for this webinar and learn how to encourage wildlife diversity in your own landscape.

About Matt

Matt is a professional wildlife biologist and NH Licensed forester and he works throughout NH in close partnership with the NH Fish and Game Department to assist private landowners and communities improve habitat for wildlife. His specialties include improving forested wildlife habitat through commercial timber harvesting, field management to benefit vertebrate and invertebrate wildlife, shrubland and young forest habitat management, wildlife food plot design and maintenance, wetlands wildlife ecology and management, and methods for improving hunting opportunities on private land. Matt and his students are currently studying the factors that influence habitat selection and dispersal of shrubland-dependent songbirds and how non-native shrubs influence habitat quality for declining songbird species.

Door Prizes!

Two books will be awarded as door prizes: “Nature’s Best Hope” and “Bringing Nature Home,” both by Doug Tallamy.

These books are highly recommended by the speaker, even if you are unable to attend the presentation.