The Amherst Garden Club’s January Meeting

January 7

Watch Party: The Life and Gardens of Beatrix Farrand followed by Q&A with filmmaker

Beatrix Farrand was responsible for some of the most celebrated gardens in the United States and helped create a distinctive American voice in landscape architecture.

Beatrix Farrand (1872-1959) grew up in the privileged world of the East Coast elite and fought through the challenges of working in a male-dominated profession to design over 200 landscapes.

Together we’ll watch an award-winning film about the life and gardens of the most successful female landscape architect in early 20th century America.

Following the documentary, filmmaker Karyl Evans will join us for Q & A.

About the Karyl Evans
Karyl Evans is a Yale Fellow and an Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. She has produced more than 100 historical documentaries over the past 30 years, including The Life and Gardens of Beatrix Farrand.