Oct. 4 Daytime Meeting — Ponemah Bog: Amherst’s Boreal Gem

Presented by Pam Hunt

Meeting Times and Locations

Amherst’s Ponemah Bog is a popular spot for casual botanizing, but is it really even a bog? There are a wide range of wetlands within the larger category of peatland, and not all of them are actually bogs in the strictest sense. Pam Hunt will explore the geology and ecology of these fascinating wetlands — with a special focus on Ponemah.

Peatlands share a few common features, including low nutrient levels and reduced water circulation. As a result they are often harsh environments but still manage to support a wide variety of plants and animals adapted to those unique conditions. The program will close with an overview of the Ponemah Bog Sanctuary, its history, and stewardship.

“Amherst’s Ponemah Bog:  We’ll explore the geology and ecology of Ponemah to answer the question “Is it really even a bog?” and find out how Ponemah supports a wide variety of plants and animals that have adapted to its environment. Finally, there will be an overview of the Sanctuary, its history, and stewardship.”