Apr. 5 Daytime Meeting — Clematis: Queen of the Vines

Presented by Cheryl Monroe

Meeting Times and Locations

Clematis (courtesy of Marti Warren)

Did you know there are over 300 species of clematis with over 1,000 cultivars? Did you know there are clematis that will bloom continuously in your New Hampshire garden for more than 16 weeks? Do you know the secrets to growing these beautiful and versatile plants?

Come learn how this truly easy-to-grow vine can make your garden the envy of all. Cheryl Monroe, a gardener, blogger, and grower of close to 100 clematis species and hybrids, will teach you proper planting, cultivation, and design tricks that you can use in any garden, from an English Manor House to condominium patio, in sun, shade or in between.

Cheryl Monroe

Cheryl Monroe

Cheryl is a licensed educator who follows the science of plant research, new plant introductions, and design trends. She strives to have beautiful pest-free gardens on her one-acre plot in central Massachusetts.