Amherst Garden Club’s September Meeting

COVID Precautions

For the 2021-2022 season, The Amherst Garden Club will be deciding month by month whether to meet in person or remotely.

For September, garden club members may attend the business meeting and presentation in person at the Messiah Lutheran Church. Masks will be required and social distancing efforts will be in place.

For those outside the club, as well as members who choose to stay home, both the business meeting and presentation will be livestreamed to our Facebook page for all to enjoy. Be sure to go to our Facebook page the morning of September 9 as the meeting will not be recorded.

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Thursday, September 9

The New Heirloom Garden

Presented by Ellen Ecker Ogden

Because food gardens are more important than ever, this presentation is ideal for gardeners seeking to grow the best-tasting vegetables, the most fragrant flowers and add structure to their kitchen garden design.

Ellen will lure us to try something new, but digging deeper in search of heirloom varieties, those delicate fruits, fragrant flowers, and open-pollinated and heirloom vegetables, is the secret to unearthing your own favorites.

You’ll take home design ideas for the kitchen garden, featuring heirloom designs and plants from Ellen’s new book, The New Heirloom Garden. Learn why growing heirlooms matters for preserving diversity, flavor, and the legacy of seed saving.


9:15 amBusiness Meeting
10:30 amEllen’s presentation

Ellen Ecker Ogden

About Ellen Ellen is a nationally recognized author, who provides kitchen garden design tips and recipes through newsletters, books and design workshops.

Ellen has written and published articles that have appeared in national magazines including Garden Design, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living, Organic Gardening, Eating Well, The Boston Globe, The Herb Companion, Vermont Magazine, and Vermont Life.

Her kitchen gardens have been featured in Victoria, Horticulture, Martha Stewart Living and Garden Design, as well as The New York Times and Country Gardens. She has been the subject of cover stories in Country Journal, Boston Herald Sunday, and the Boston Globe magazines, and has been a guest on PBS Victory Garden and HGTV’s Garden Smarts as the Baroness of Basil.