May Perennial Group Garden Visit

Martha Coutts-Eisenberg opened her garden to the perennial group to the delight of all who attended. A list of plants that were discussed  in Martha’s garden is from Fran Kelly  . Here are Fran’s notes (unedited and not re-formatted):

Hi Everyone,

Here is a list of many of the plants that Martha talked about. It is not complete – too much going on. And I have no information on most of them. Sorry, but I am getting too old to hear everything. I’ve checked the spellings, so at least you can pull them up and recognize where they were placed and how they looked in Martha’s gorgeous gardens.

The list begins with the gardens in the front of the house, not including those next to the porch, and proceeds around to the left and then to the back as she walked.

Sorry that I could not be more helpful.   —- Fran Kelly





Pulminaria – Pink


Monda Lavender – annual


Celandine Poppy – yellow


Fireflame Red Dogwood




Patrinia – in the valerian family


Tree Peony







Cotinus Shrub  (looks like a reddish tree)


_______ Pine Tree – lots of space between branches and branches did not spread out very far


P. Shriponica (miniature ?)


Ground Clematis (purple)


Gas Plant  (little white flowers)


Goats Beard  (looks a bit like astilbe)


Fringe Tree


Pincushion Spurge


Enkinthius (native shrub – blueberry ? – likes shade)


Epimedium  (dry, shade – green with red edge – and other varieties)


PT Viburnum (deer do not eat)


Nine bard  (small tree – shade okay)


False Lupine (Yellow, tall, full sun)


Woodland Aster


False Solomon Seal (native)


Rodgersia Bronze  (beautiful bronze color leaves – late bloomer ?)


Jeffersonia  (shade early – flowers quickly)


Bergenia  (tall flower, early bloomer)


Stewartia Tree (show growing, beautiful bark – camillia-like flowers – needs sun)


Actinidia (vine ?)


Seven (spelling?) Sunflower (blooms in fall)


Leopard bane (yellow daisy-like)


Limelight hydranga


Brunnera (like forget-me-nots)


Stachys  (like lambs ear)


Fothergilla  (bottle brush flower)


Japanica Peony  (a little like passion flower)


Virgina Bluebells  (shade)


June Magnolia










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