March 7 Speaker

“Garden Tourists, Tour of Nurseries”

carol stocker

It is finally March and by now we all have cabin fever and can’t wait to get out of the house and start shopping for new plants! Carol Stocker, garden columnist (Thursdays “Styles & Arts Section) for the Boston Globe takes us on a tour of garden centers around New England. Carol is a wonderful speaker, why not bring a friend! She also is the author of the Boston Globe Illustrated New England Gardening Almanac which will be a door prize for one lucky gardener.

Carol Stocker has been writing about gardening for the Boston Globe for 30 years. She has won the top newspaper writing award of the Garden Writer’s Association of American three times. Her newest book is “The Boston Globe Illustrated New England Gardening Almanac.”

Carol Has A Blog!!!! click the following:

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