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From Fran Kelley:

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Some members expressed an interest in prices for bagged compost and/or mulch from Ideal Compost , the company in Peterborough that Martha uses for her beautiful gardens. I contacted the owner about special pricing for bulk loads. Here’s the answer:
>> Bulk pricing is available for full pallets of bagged products. Delivery of the pallets to Amherst costs $80 and requires a forklift for unloading.
>> Compost: a pallet has 40 bags of the 40 quart composts bags. The pallet is $6.00 per bag, a total of $240, as opposed to $10.00 per bag for fewer bags.
>> Mulch: a pallet of 40 bags at $5.00 per bag, a total of $200, instead of $8.00 per bag for fewer bags.
>> If we use our own truck, we can still buy pallets at his place for that price. He will forklift the pallet on our truck and we unload ourselves.
>> Regular prices for bulk non-bagged products are listed at the website,

>> I hope this information is helpful. Perhaps we can discuss possibilities at the next full meeting or at the Perennial Group meeting.

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