Hydrangea Webinar Now Available

Presented by Emma Erler

If you missed Emma Erler’s How to Grow Hydrangeas Webinar presented for the Amherst Garden Club and the public on April 2, a recording of the presentation is now available. Click the link watch:


Emma Erler is a terrific speaker and extremely knowledgeable about hydrangeas. We learned a great deal from her presentation, and so will you!

More About the Presentation

Successfully getting hydrangeas to bloom is a subject that baffles many gardeners — novice and experienced alike. There are several species of hydrangeas commonly grown in New Hampshire, and all of them have very different growth habits and pruning requirements. Fortunately, hydrangeas are really quite simple to care for, as long as you understand which species you have in your garden.

About Emma Erler

Emma Erler

As the Education Center Coordinator for UNH Cooperative Extension, Emma Erler shares her horticultural expertise and passion with home gardeners throughout the state. Emma has a strong background in public horticulture, including internships at Longwood Gardens and the Morris Arboretum, both in Pennsylvania. She most recently worked as a gardener at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts, where she focused on maintaining the Systematic garden and tending the native plant collection and natural lands.

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