Horticulture Hints

Our monthly meetings generally include a brief “Horticulture Hints” presentation, many with great handouts, which are available by clicking on the topic in the list below.

From time to time, other useful information is also made available to our members and posted here:

  • Buddy Planting (courtesy of Norma Weinberg)
  • Horticulture Hint-Perennial Pairings (courtesy of Jeanne Nevard; prepared for the Pepperell Garden Club) – two shade, groundcover plants that display nice fall foliage together. One has a thick, velvety, aromatic leaf, the other an airy, delicate habit.
  • Terrarium  Plants List and Care Sheet (courtesy of Art Scarpa)
  • Pumpkin_Succulent_Assembly and_Care Instructions (Courtesy of Sue Alger and Deb Ferrelli)
  • Water_Garden Instructions  [Provided courtesy of Peter Sevier, who notes that although these instructions call for use of a low voltage pump because it was required at his wife’s nursing home where his water garden was installed, generally a standard voltage pump would be used.)

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