Horticulture Hints and Program Handouts

Our monthly meetings generally include a speaker and a brief “Horticulture Hint” presentation, many with great handouts, which are available by clicking on the topic in the list below.

Horticulture Hint Handouts and Videos

Perennials+ Handouts

Handouts and links for Perennials+ meetings have been moved to the new Perennials+ page.

Side Shoots Handouts

Program Handouts, Recordings, etc.

Old Home Day Fairy Garden Information

One thought on “Horticulture Hints and Program Handouts

  1. I don’t know if this an acceptable request or not but here goes anyway. I am a retired Hollis science teacher and a local (Hudson, NH) gardener of many (too many to tell) years. This spring I have begun writing a blog that focuses on my vegetable and flower gardening, greenhouse and other related topics. Nothing innapropriate, political, religious or contoversial. There are pictures and stories. Some are instructional, some are comical and some, well you just have to read them to see. They are available at
    There are about a dozen posts so far with many more to come as the gardening season progresses. If you think these would be of interest to the Amherst Garden Club members please let them know how to access them.
    I hope I haven’t overstepped in this request. See you at the spring plant sale!
    John Kittredge

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