Each year, the Amherst Garden Club awards a scholarship to encourage promising students from Amherst or Mont Vernon to study horticulture, botany, plant science, landscape design, or environmental science as it relates directly to horticulture.

Amount of Award: $3,000 in scholarship awards are available to qualified students.

Submission Deadline: To be announced

Philosophy: The Amherst Garden Club has the opportunity to impact the future of our planet and to keep it safe and healthful, as well as beautiful. We believe we can do this by educating individuals and by encouraging them to choose environmentally conscious careers.


  1. Applicants must be residents of Amherst or Mont Vernon, New Hampshire.

  2. Applicants must be high school seniors or high school graduates of any age (e.g., adult learners who have returned to college).

  3. Applicants must matriculate to an institute of higher learning.

  4. Each award recipient will be asked to give a brief written report to the scholarship committee after completion of his/her first year.

Scholarship Application: To apply for a scholarship, print and submit the 2017 scholarship application (one for high school students; one for high school graduates).