Environmental Sustainability

Organic Material
Waste Management

Yard and Garden Cleanup


Indoor Composting

Soil Health and
Nutrient Management

Cover Crops

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Soil Testing

Water Management and

Rain Gardens

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Pollinator Protection

Integrated Pest Management

Using Natural and Low-Risk Pesticides in the Garden (UNH Extension Video, 45 min.)
Weeding Without Glysophosate Leads to Weeding Without Worry (Sue Stefanec, Nov 2019)

Plant Selection and Design

Native Plants

Native Plant Lists and Information

Native Plant Sources

Wildlife Habitat/Pollinator Garden Certification

Drought-Tolerant Plants

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Invasive Plants and Animals

Ecological Landscaping

Lawn Care

Equipment and Materials

Tool Selection

Garden Plastic Waste


  • Seed Saving Tips by Mary Ann Kuhnert [linked document TBD]
  • The Great Tree Migration (Link to visual article in Emergence Magazine)
  • National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat Certification Information and Checklist
  • Pollinator Garden Certification through UNH/UMaine Extension
  • Get on the Map! of Homegrown National Park (Non-profit co-founded by Doug Tallamy and Michelle Alfandari to encourage planting of native plants)