Wigwam Museum Garden

Located behind the Historical Society Wigwam Museum, this enchanting garden is brimming with plants and ornaments, including custom-made trellises and a bench that invites visitors to sit and enjoy.

About the Garden

Each year, the plantings are evaluated by the Wigwam Garden team, and changes are made to improve the diversity and look of the garden. Many plants are labeled so visitors may learn their names.

Custom-made trellises were installed in 2012, forming a pleasant backdrop. These were acquired by a grant from the Amherst Garden Club. Each trellis is planted with variegated honeysuckle and clematis.

Other plantings include a variety of sun and shade perennials, bulbs, roses, flowering shrubs, and a few annuals. The garden benefits from an in-ground irrigation system, and the hard work of the Amherst Garden Club Wigwam Team volunteers who tend to it throughout the entire growing season.

Brick Path — The Historical Society reset the brick path and circle in 2020 and will be adding engraved bricks as a fundraiser.

Wheelright stone

Wheelright stone — The large stone in the circle was used in shaping metal wheel rims in Colonial times, and the historic wheel in the center serves as an example of that type.

Unusual plants — Some of the more unusual plants in the garden include fern leaf peonies, yellow waxbell, Leucojum bulbs, and golden bleeding hearts.

Shrubs — The garden has red twig dogwood, hydrangea ‘Little Quickfire,’ inkberry, PJM rhododendron, roses, spirea, and buddleia (Butterfly bush).

Purple butterfly bush blooms behind tall white phlox

Perennials — Perennial plants include phlox, baptisia, several types of coral bells, catmint, daylilies, astilbe, epimedium, globe thistle, hostas, irises of several varieties, peonies, actea, lamb’s ear, sedums, ajuga, European ginger, allium, creeping Jenny, balloon flower, yellow foxglove, lavender, bellflowers, geraniums, liatris, coneflower, cinquefoil, thyme, coreopsis, dianthus, sundrops, black-eyed Susan, and artemisia. In spring, you will find daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth bulbs blooming.

Trees — Two trees, a crabapple and a Japanese tree lilac, grace the property.

Annuals — Annuals are added and changed each year to add color.

Stop by for a visit and enjoy the garden!