Sunset Lane Triangle

Sunset TriangleIn 2000, neighbors near the corner of Sunset Road and Boston Post Road noted that the grassy triangle at that intersection was unsightly and could benefit from some landscaping. Anne Krantz worked with the director of Public Works to have a Sargent Cherry tree planted in the center and Christy Belvin took on the task of additional plantings as a Master Gardener project.

The site has no water source, so drought tolerance was, and continues to be, an important prerequisite. Additional issues impacting plant selections are the fact that plantings at the front along Boston Post Road must be low enough to keep sight lines open for cars leaving Sunset Road. There are also the challenges resulting from the aggressive winter snow plowing patterns at that corner. In season, it’s a site viewed both close up by walkers, and with a quick glance as people drive by.

A collection of daylilies purchased from Susan Kierstead was planted, and most of the other plants there are hardy, old favorites common to the garden club plant sale – Thread Leaf Coreopsis, Autumn Joy Sedum, Amsonia, Siberian Iris, Rudbeckia, Columbine, and Lamb’s Ears. Daffodil bulbs have been added over the years.

In 2015 the garden was in need of a makeover. Sun patterns had changed as the cherry tree grew, and thriving perennials were crowding out their less vigorous neighbors. On top of that, a road construction project took a toll on the garden.

New garden lead Paula Domanski has been working with Christy Belvin and the rest of the team to renovate the garden. They are thinning out overgrown plantings and adding new favorites.

Current Lead: John Bement
Past Leads: Paula Domanski, Christy Belvin, Anne Krantz


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