Sunset Road Triangle

This once bare traffic island at the intersection of Boston Post Road and Sunset Road was transformed by the garden club. The garden is viewed both close up by walkers, and with a quick glance by those driving by.

Sunset Road Triangle (Summer 2017)
Sunset Road Triangle (Summer 2017)


In 2000, neighbors near the corner of Sunset Road and Boston Post Road noted that the grassy triangle at that intersection could benefit from some landscaping.

Members of the garden club worked with the Department of Public Works to have a Sargent cherry tree planted in the center. Around the tree they added a collection of daylilies and other old favorites, such as thread leaf coreopsis, sedum ‘Autumn Joy,’ amsonia, siberian iris, rudbeckia, columbine, and lamb’s ears. Drought tolerant plants were chosen as the site has no water source.

By 2015, the garden was in need of a makeover. The spot had become shadier as the cherry tree grew, and thriving perennials were crowding out less vigorous neighbors. Older plants were thinned out and new favorites added.

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