Brick School Garden

The Brick School Gardens are the result of The 2002 Heritage Committee’s “Brick School Beautification Project.” Originally a playground for the Brick School, and now the offices of the SAU, the purpose was to return the property to a grassed yard, possibly with some plantings.

Claudia Everest’s Northland Design was hired to design a landscape that would turn the property into something pleasing to the eye, easy to care for, and functional for walkers and families.

Funding came from the 2001 garden tour as well as the 2002 Memory Tree.  The first phase of the design featured a new walkway made with “old bricks,” new grass, and digging and planting of a rose garden, a lily garden, and a few shrubs.  Pink Bonica roses were chosen for their early bloom and reblooming.  The daylilies were selected at Danzingers Day Lily gardens for their large blooms, striking colors and staggered bloom times.  ‘Miss Kim’ lilacs were planted on each side of the front steps and an irrigation system and garden bench were purchased by the garden club.

Over the years, complementary long-blooming plantings — such as blue flowering catmint, sprawling  geranium Rozanne, and Pink ‘Knockout’ roses — were added.

Flanking the front steps are beauty bushes, pruned to maintain their size, and a geranium groundcover runs along the building.

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