Town Hall Gardens

Each spring the garden club fills the historic round horse trough with colorful annuals and places containers of flowers on the Town Hall front steps. Behind the building is a pretty little shade garden planted by the club in 2005. The club also edges and maintains the front beds to keep them looking tidy.

Members of the garden club pose in front to the historic horse trough (June 2017)Members of the garden club pose in front to the historic horse trough (June 2017)
Members of the garden club pose in front to the historic horse trough (June 2017)


Beautifying Town Hall was one of the garden club’s first projects. The stately front lawn is a relatively new addition. Before the Town Hall was renovated in 2004, there was only a narrow strip of land between the building and the road. Granite coping was installed for foundation beds, and the garden club planted shrubs and a climbing hydrangea. The hydrangea vine was pretty but problematic. It clung to the bricks and threatened to take over the façade.

In 2012 the Amherst Historical Society restored the round horse trough. Although the trough is capable of holding water, keeping it full was not practical, so the garden club has permission to plant it each spring.

In the 90’s, patches of ‘Ice Follies’ daffodils were planted in front of Town Hall and re-bloomed for many years without assistance. These bulbs were lost when the building was renovated, but by coincidence the same variety of daffodil was planted again in 2017.

The “pocket garden” in back was planted around 2005. There is always something blooming in this little shade garden, and it has a beautiful view of the cemetery.

Artie the Artichoke: A lOve Story

Fetish may be too strong a word, but one garden club member formed a very strong attachment to an artichoke planted in the horse trough in the spring of 2019. She named him “Artie” and closely tracked his development — from his initial emergence, through his juvenile period, and into adulthood. When Artie ultimately crossed over to that garden in the sky, she had his remains gilded. He lives on as a Christmas ornament.

‘Artie’ eruptus
‘Artie’ juventus
‘Artie’ adultus
‘Artie’ splendidus

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