Town Hall Gardens

[Adapted with thanks from an article in The Grapevine April 2015 edition written by Mary Salmon.]

One of the very first planting projects for the Amherst Garden Club was the front of Town Hall. A granite coping was constructed in front, and the beds were filled with shrubs and a Climbing Hydrangea. The Climbing Hydrangea looked good, but it really wasn’t good for the bricks. It was also a real task to keep it from taking over the whole façade. In the mid 90’s, Mary Daquino became the Civics Chair and the committee started planting geraniums in the spring and mums in the fall, soon supplemented with Dusty Miller and ‘blue’ Petunias. The native soil was amended heavily, resulting in much better blooms.

It was also when Mary was the lead that vegetables began to be planted alongside the annuals, starting with parsley and moving on to celery, eggplant, corn, beans, squash, peppers and kale.

At Paula Schmida’s suggestion, patches of ‘Ice Follies’ daffodils were planted in front of Town Hall and on the side. Ice Follies is an easy re-bloomer and they came back for many years without assistance. Unfortunately, this part of the garden was lost when the Town Hall was renovated, completely changing the landscape. A landscape firm planted the front garden. The Amherst Garden Club has added a touch of color with the addition of two urns on either side of the front doors. In the mid 00’s, a “pocket garden” was planted in the back by the new handicapped ramp. It’s the prettiest little garden with a beautiful view of the cemetery.

In 2012, the Historical Society restored the horse trough. As a real horse trough it can hold water, but keeping water in the horse trough is not practical. The club has permission to plant it, as long as we don’t fill it up with dirt. Therefore, the horse trough has a real (plastic) horse trough mounted inside. It’s container gardening on a larger scale!

Current Lead: Mary Salmon
Past Lead: Mary Daquino


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