Jan 4, 2024 — Marie Nickerson

Jan 4, 2024

Roses are red; Violets are pink, purple, yellow...

Presented by Marie Nickerson

Growing violets is a passion for Marie. Greenery, light, and masses of cheery flowers in every color do much to raise the spirits.  When winter arrives and her gardens have been put to bed, Marie turns inside to her collection of over 100 varieties of African Violets and continues to keep her hands in the dirt!

While she considers herself an amateur in this arena, come and discover just how much knowledge she has to share in her photo-filled presentation. Her presentation will help you understand how this houseplant has become a perennial favorite, over many years… and Bonus! … some of Marie’s violets will be door prizes!

Marie Nickerson has been an active member of the Amherst Garden Club throughout the years. She has served as Vice President, has presented various programs, and has worked on the plant sale and civic gardens. She has also been active in the UNH Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners Program. For many years she spent her summers on Appledore Island as a Steward of Celia Thaxter’s Garden. Marie is an Advanced Master Gardener, Natural Resource Steward, as well as a Marine Docent.

Marie is a native of New Hampshire and her earliest gardening memories are of her grandmother’s huge geranium planters. She loves how gardening connects her with nature and finds that gardening is good for the body and especially good for the soul.

Guests are warmly welcomed.

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Nov 3, 2023 — Fortin Gage Florist

Nov 2, 2023

Fortin Gage Holiday Arrangements

Presented by Fortin Gage Florists

It’s getting to be that time of year, when you need to spread a little holiday cheer.

Flowers have a special way of setting the mood, along with family, decorations and, of course, the food.

So come get a jump on your holiday décor, with floral arrangements for your table and more!

Come and kick off your holiday season with the Amherst Garden Club at the much-anticipated Holiday Floral Arrangement program.

Join the festivities as Jody Gage and Courtney Jensen of Fortin Gage Flower and Gift Shop demonstrate how to arrange an artistic and beautiful arrangement for your holiday needs.

Jody and Courtney will demonstrate four arrangements explaining the procedure to make them.

The arrangements will be raffled at the end of the program to those attending. Raffle tickets will be sold during the morning. 

This is always a popular program, and guests are welcome!

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Feb 1, 2024 — Meredith Borgioli

Feb 1, 2024

Garden Maintenance Tips from a Pro

Presented by Meredith Borgioli

Gain all kinds of useful and practical knowledge to use on your own garden as Meredith Borgioli discusses which maintenance tasks provide the most benefits, essential tools for various gardening jobs, and design elements that you can use to enhance your garden.

Meredith Borgioli will share her pro tips to help your garden reach its full potential. She will also offer suggestions to reduce overall maintenance so you have more time to enjoy your outdoor space — something that’s important to all of us!

Meredith has been a professional gardener for 14 years in southern NH. She is a NH Master Gardener and a Certified Landscape Professional with NH Landscape Association. Meredith received a Landscape Design Degree from NHTI and is now on the faculty teaching the Vectorworks Landmark course in the use of landscape design software.

As the owner of Trillium Gardening Services, her team focuses on garden design and maintenance in the Hollis/Amherst NH area.

Meredith started her education with a BFA in Theater at Syracuse University. Her background in the visual arts helps as a garden designer to identify the different elements that combine to make a composition ‘work’, similar to a stage set. This training is mixed with a curiosity for the science behind what makes a garden successful and how that can be applied to different gardening styles and sites.

Guests are warmly welcomed.

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Oct 5, 2023 — Kevin Martin

Oct 5, 2023

Big Trees of New Hampshire

Presented by Kevin Martin

Are you a lover of trees, hiking, and all things nature? Then this presentation is for you!

Hikers and tree enthusiasts alike will enjoy Kevin’s presentation as he details local hikes that are designed to highlight Big Trees in the area. He will enlighten us about how trees provide for wildlife and the environment and will also discuss interesting facts from the history of the land that the trees are on. You will discover hikes that include old growth pine and hemlock forests as well as a city tour with a horse chestnut in Portsmouth, NH that was planted by a signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

The presenter, author, and outdoorsman Kevin Martin, has been a wooden boat builder for over forty years and has served on the Epping Conservation Commission and as a State Coordinator for the NH Big Tree Program, where he worked with AGC member Anne Krantz.

He lives on the banks of the Lamprey River with his wife and often takes hikes into the woods with family and friends to visit Big Trees.

Kevin will be selling his book, Big Trees of Northern New England.

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Sep 7, 2023 — Kevin Bragg

Sep 7, 2023

Of Pods, Packets & Promise

Presented by Kevin Bragg

Kevin will enlighten us on the history of seed and plant commerce in America and the people who sought to satisfy the “plant bug” within us.

With names like Bartram, Burbank, Burpee and Ball, learn of the people behind the evolution of America’s plant industry. Hear tales of how people, ranging from presidents to ambassadors to commodore, have influenced our gardening history in unique ways.

The evolution of seed packaging and catalogs, the import/export of plants to “the new world,” scientific advancements and cultural shifts have all led up to today’s modern breeding, marketing and selling of plants.

Using contemporary accounts, drawings, lithographs and photos, Kevin’s illustrated story follows the development of American horticultural history, from subsistence farming to ornamental gardening.

Kevin Bragg has over thirty years of experience in the horticulture field, including time as Coordinator of Historic Gardens at Canterbury Shaker Village. Owner of Canterbury Plantation. Kevin enjoys combining his passions for plants and history and exploring the relationships among them.

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

May 4, 2023 — Mark Richardson

May 4, 2023

Earth Friendly Gardening

Presented by Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson speaks to us about how we can become more earth friendly gardeners. We have all learned to live our lives a little greener in recent decades, taking pride in making choices to lead more sustainable lives. Gardening should be no different. Learn about ways gardening impact our environment.

Mark works at Tower Hill in Worcester and co-authored a book, “Native Plants for New England Gardens,” a guide to over 100 native perennials, trees, shrubs, ferns, grasses and vines. (Books on sale)

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Apr 6, 2023 — John Forti

Apr 6, 2023

Edible Landscapes

Presented by John Forti

Presented by well known garden historian and ethnobotanist John Forti, this illustrated lecture will help you explore how to eat locally and enjoy the fruits of your own labors.

This new talk delves into planting edible gardens and landscapes that offer healthy alternatives to our lawns and hedges.

Whether learning to explore our own backyards or the newest landscape style of the 21st century, this talk offers meaningful ways to engage ourselves, our kids and our community in cultivating a sense of place from seed to table. (Books on sale)

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Mar 2, 2023 — Kerry Mendez

Mar 2, 2023

Design Tips for Traffic-Stopping Curb Appeal

Presented by Kerry Ann Mendez

Kerry Ann Mendez will be back to present a very energized program to kick off our gardening season. This eye-opening presentation will cover easy-to-implement design steps for enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Included will be top-performing perennials, annuals, flowering shrubs, evergreens & ornamental trees for head-turning foundation beds.

Books for sale

Coffee and light refreshments

Starts at 10:30 am
Messiah Lutheran Church
303 Route 101
Amherst, NH

Feb 2, 2023 — Gail Coffey

Feb 2, 2023

Feeding and Attracting Birds to Your Landscape

Presented by Gail Coffey

Garden club member Gail Coffey has turned her landscape into a habitat that supports ecological relationships. She encourages wildlife in her yard by establishing native plantings which focus on optimizing wildlife food sources on the property.

Come and hear how she and her husband, longtime wildlife advocates and conservationists, have developed their 5-acre property. (Door prize)


  • How to Attract Birds to Your Landscape Handout
  • How to Attract Birds to Your Landscape Slideshow

Jan 5, 2023 — Teresa Mosher

Jan 5, 2023

Easy Rose Care

Presented by Teresa Mosher

Teresa Mosher’s program will review uncovering winter protected roses, pruning various types, planting, fertilizing and choosing hardy roses for our zone.

Lovely photos from her locally revered Zone 5 garden are incorporated into the power point presentation. (Books on Sale)