A Visit to Wells Corner (Epsom, NH)

A group of club members and guests recently enjoyed a special tour of an Epsom, New Hampshire property called Wells Corner.  Homeowner Kyle Landt led the tour of her property that features an 18th century house with a post and beam barn. The landscape design is her own vision, and what a vision it is! The garden has been transformed in the course of thirty years from a simple landscape of vinca and tawny daylilies to one filled with deep mixed borders. The borders are comprised of small trees, shrubs, and perennials interspersed with 250 flats of annuals.

(Photos courtesy of Barbara Williams)

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Deeply influenced by the late Christopher Lloyd’s book, The Adventurous Gardener, and his gardens at Great Dixter in England, where she makes regular trips, Dr. Landt plans her own designs determining color only after considering plant texture, size, and shape. Her advice includes improving the soil before planting and topdressing annually with her own special compost mix. It is vital to give the plants a running start in this short growing climate, she advises.

Walking the natural path around the buildings, one discovers a reward at each destination such as a raised octagonal potager, a woodland walk, and a large koi pond built to look like a natural spring overflowing a horse trough.

The morning ended with the group resting on the shaded porch while Dr. Landt entertained with stories and provided much useful gardening information.

Read more about Wells Corner in the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program guide and a recent issue of New Hampshire Home magazine.

Wells Corner Garden Spring Soil Prep

To each wheelbarrow of good quality compost, add:

  • 1½ gallons alfalfa pellets
  • 1 gallon bone meal*
  • ½ gallon of commercial 19-19-19 fertilizer

Mix together and spread evenly to depth of 1 – 1½ inches. Fork in before planting or use as top dressing on established perennials and shrubs.

If applying to acid-loving plants, mix 50/50 with peat.

* For an animal-free alternative, try rock phosphate.

Photos from Atlanta Botanical Garden

Club member Mary Salmon visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden last month and shares these beautiful photos. Hang in there… Spring is coming!

Dress Competition

Wall of phalaenopsis and vanda orchids

Oncedium arches




Dress Competition

Laceleaf begonia

Variety of plants

Wall of orchids

“Flowering Houseplants” Feb. 7 in Nashua

Our club has been invited to attend this program:

Joan Bonnette

The Nashua Garden Club will hold its February program, Wed. Feb. 7th at 7 PM at the First Baptist Church, 121 Manchester Street, Nashua, NH 03064.  The program, Flowering Houseplants, will be presented by Joan Bonnette, Master Gardener, Tree Steward and author.

Joan will pull from her 25+ years of gardening experience and training to discuss over 20 types of flowering houseplants.  She will include overviews of each, growing tips and ease or difficulty of growing particular plants.  Attendees will also learn how to fertilize for optimum growth and bloom as well as how to deal with insect pests particular to each plant.  Joan will also bring many “baby plants” to share with the audience.

Whether you are planning to add to your collection, to improve the health of your current indoor garden or simply need a respite from New Hampshire’s frigid weather, you will be certain to learn a great deal and have an enjoyable evening. Please join members of the garden club for this informative program:

All are welcome.  Light refreshment will be served.
Members:  Free    Nonmembers:  $5.00
Additional information can be found at:  www.NashuaGardenClub.com

The Nashua Garden Club is an independent non-denominational club that devotes itself to the diverse needs and interests of its many-faceted member gardeners. Founded in 1961, the Club’s uniqueness lies in its accommodation to its members by holding meetings in the evening. The Club’s mission is to encourage its members to fully involve themselves in learning about and participating in the many and varied aspects of horticulture, landscape design, floral design, and the civic beautification of our community.

Photos from June 10 Trip to Hayward Gardens

On June, 10 the garden club took its first-ever Saturday field trip! The destination was Hayward Gardens in Putney, VT, home of acclaimed garden writer Gordon Hayward. A big thank you goes out to trip planner extraordinaire Jan Madigan who coordinated the visit.

You can view photos of the trip, taken by Karen Woodbury’s daughter, Laura. (This link takes you to Google Photos.)

Photo by Karen Woodbury’s daughter


Civic Gardens Decorated for the Season

Pam Newhouse sent along two artistic photos that her son took at the Brick School garden.

Brick School Garden (photo credit: Dustin Newhouse)

Brick School Garden (photo credit: Dustin Newhouse)

Brick School Garden (photo credit: Dustin Newhouse)

Brick School Garden (photo credit: Dustin Newhouse)

Spurred on, Joan O’Brien took some photos in the other civic gardens. (Joan’s photos are more documentary than artistic. Date stamp is a quaint touch.)







South Triangle Team Puts Garden to Bed

On the morning of Dec. 9, a few hardy garden club members braved the cold temperatures to cut back perennials. Gardening with snow on the ground is not recommended, but extenuating circumstances caused us to delay the task.

Job complete (well, good enough), team members decorated the monument with holiday greens and a vintage ice skate. (Look for the matching ice skate on the Bertha Rogers monument at the North Triangle.)

Pat Legere and Marge McAdams (not pictured, Jeanne Nevard and Joan O'Brien)

Pat Legere and Marge McAdams (not pictured, Jeanne Nevard and Joan O’Brien)

North Triangle Team Puts Garden to Bed

The North Triangle garden team enjoyed unusually mild weather this morning as they put the garden to bed. Team members cut back perennials, raked leaves, fertilized, and tagged plants to be divided in spring for the plant sale.

The North Triangle garden team at work

The North Triangle garden team at work

Job complete, the team celebrated with lunch at The Black Forest Cafe.

Becky Stoughton, Joan O'Brien, Jane Martin, Jan Madigan, Renee D'Agati, and Melissa Kurtz. Not pictured: Wendy Reed. Photo credit: Nancy Head (who happened along)

Becky Stoughton, Joan O’Brien, Jane Martin, Jan Madigan, Renee D’Agati, and Melissa Kurtz. Not pictured: Wendy Reed. Photo credit: Nancy Head (who happened along)