Author Gordon Russell – “Watching Great Meadow” – June 2

If your soul becomes nourished by your surroundings, and you find peace with every breath of fresh air you take, than you must come to hear Gordon Russell speak of his beloved Meadow on June 2 at 7:30 pm at the Francestown Library

Gordon is an exceptional storyteller and speaker, seemingly born ready to entertain and inform audiences. Since Gordon and his wife Barbara moved into their home overlooking Great Meadow in New Boston, New Hampshire, Gordon has become its unofficial steward. His observational skills, and deep understanding of nature enable him to see all of its patterns and see the way these patterns are disturbed by our changing climate.
His journal entries depict not only lively stories of wildlife, but also Great Meadow’s loss. Troubling changes are woven throughout tales of relationships between geese, epic bird of prey battles, and the inspiring engineering talents of the beaver. Watching Great Meadow will appeal to all New Englanders who appreciate our beautiful habitats, and especially resonate with environmental activists, nature enthusiasts, and the curious.

President of the Russell Farm and Forest Conservation Foundation, GORDON RUSSELL taught environmental studies in public schools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts before retiring in 1978. He has spent years mentoring college interns majoring in environmentalism and conservation, and received many awards for his volunteerism and five decades of conservation work in land and water protection. Russell and his wife, Barbara, live in New Boston, New Hampshire, on the edge of the Great Meadow marsh.

“This is an important, compelling, and heartfelt book. Gordon Russell’s keen observations of his beloved Great Meadow is a chronicle of wild characters and natural dramas you might never know existed. But osprey, bullfrogs, and hummingbirds are our neighbors, too. Watching Great Meadow is a clarion call to appreciate and protect them, written with sensitivity and style.”—Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul of an Octopus. Hancock, NH.

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