2016-17 Officers Becky Stoughton, Marie Nickerson, Doffie Farrar, and June Bridgewater

2016-2017 Executive Committee

President Doffie Farrar
First Vice President Marie Nickerson
Secretary June Bridgewater
Treasurer Becky Stoughton
Immediate Past President Sue Spiess

2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Auditor – Diane Prew

Budget – Becky Stoughton

Charitable Fund – Sheila Steele

Civic Gardens – Joan O’Brien

Communications – Meg Clemens

Evening Group – Linda Fraser

Fund-Raising (Memory Tree) – Sheila Steele

Horticulture Hint – Civic Garden Leads

Hospitality – Mary Thomson

July 4th Float – Dawn Burke, Diane Merrithew, Joan Poltack

Membership – Jane Martin

Nominating – Sue Spiess, Sally Hooper, Suzy Ten Broeck, Crystal Chen, Pam Newhouse

Parliamentarian – Cynthia Dokmo

Perennial Study – Becky Stoughton

Plant Sale – Marti Warren, Paula Domanski, Carol Pelletier, Karen Woodbury

Programs – Joan Poltack (daytime), Marti Warren (evening)

Publicity – Paula Domanski

Scholarship – Nancy Head

Soup Kitchen Flowers – Mary Jo Bristol

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