September Speaker

Design-less Gardening: An Ecological Approach
Dan Jaffe Speaks at Amherst Garden Club

The first meeting of the year, September 6,  will feature Dan Jaffe from The New England Wild Flower Society in Framingham, Ma. Dan is a Propagator & Stock bed Grower for the society as well as a lecturer. He earned his degree in botany at the University of Maine. His topic will be “Design-less Gardening: An Ecological Approach”. Disregard traditional design rules and adopt a new approach to garden design. Look to nature for your inspiration.What clues can you take from your landscape to help you provide the right plant for the right place? Learn to evaluate sunlight, moisture, soil and other factors to create a successful garden that does not require many inputs in the way of watering, fertilizing, extra coddling on your part. Create a low maintenance garden that actively supports the environment and provides beauty for all — people and pollinators alike. The meeting is held at the community room of the Amherst Congregational Church. The public is invited to attend at no charge. A social time starts at 9 am to be followed by a business meeting and then the speaker.

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