Photos of Centerpiece and Tablescape

At our daytime meeting on Thursday, Barbara Williams snapped these shots of Marie Nickerson’s whimsical bunny centerpiece and the demonstration tablescape for the Creative Tablescape Competition that will be held at our June luncheon, as announced by Marti Warren.

Creative Tablescape Competition — from the April Grapevine:

“A special feature of this year’s luncheon will be a Creative Tablescape Competition, similar to what is on display at the Boston Flower Show. Participants will be invited to create a tablescape – “Tea for Two.” There will be specific directions for set up and each will select their own theme for the tea. Everyone attending the luncheon will have the chance to vote for a favorite, and there will be a special prize for the winner. Specific details will be explained at the April AGC Meeting and posted in the May Grapevine, but you can be sure that the requirements will include a teapot and floral display! We hope this will be fun for everyone and that we have a great display!”



One thought on “Photos of Centerpiece and Tablescape

  1. Thank you for all the great photos of bunny “Giselle” that have been popping up since the meeting! I’ll invite her next year, too! I also want to take a moment to tell you it was my pleasure to have two guests at this meeting. I love to “show off” the Amherst Garden Club. The evening meeting was fun, too. Thank you all for your hard work.

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