2019 Jane Martin Memorial Civic Gardens Walk

While our sun dance only resulted in a cloudy sky with a sun trying to peek through, we did not have the forecast rain!

All of the gardens looked great late in our very prolonged wet and cool spring. Teams have been out working hard and it showed. We were even able to watch the pro team @ the Wigwam Garden while they did their magic — and offered some eager takers Siberian irises that were being removed from overly full beds.

We returned to the garden behind the library for iced tea and homemade cookies contributed by Joan and MJ.

There were many good laughs and shared camaraderie along the way. It was very special that three new members, Class of 2018-19, turned out for the event and were able to experience firsthand one of the driving missions of the Club.

Seventeen people (!!!!!) turned out for the walk: MJ Bachman, Christy Belvin, Suzanne Birchard, Kathy Brundage, Vonnie Budds, Deb DellOrfano, Julie Hoag, Sally Hogan, Elise Lutz , Maureen Minner, Jeanne Nevard (+ Bluebell the dog), Joan O’Brien, Joan Ostrowski, Susan Stefanec, Becky Stoughton, Sandy Walker, & Barbara Williams.

This is a very special event and a wonderful way to honor Jane’s memory and importance to the Club.

Civic Gardens, Joan O’Brien
Membership, Barbara Williams

(Photos taken by Becky Stoughton and Jeanne Nevard)

A Sunflower for Jane

Jane was a person who comes into your life only
because of chance and being at the right place at
the right time.

When I look at a sunflower and
see the details; the stem, the petals
and seeds, these remind me of
Jane and describe her perfectly.

The stem: tall, graceful and
steady. Jane is always cheerful
and warm, since the day we met
I will always see her beautiful smile.

The Petals: the multitude of petals reflect the
many people who lives she touched. The
uncountable number of friends that surrounded
her. Jane loved wearing the color yellow.

The seeds: the mass number of seeds in one
flower, propagate and feed birds and other
wildlife and humans too! Jane’s charisma was
huge, real and always caring. She embraced
friendship and taught how to be a friend.

The round flower head with the huge smile will
forever say “Hey Jane, this sunflower is for you!”

~ MJ Bachman

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