Photos from June 13 Civic Gardens Tour

On the morning of June 13, twelve ladies and one dog braved the heat for a walking tour of the seven civic gardens in the village. The stroll was both enjoyable and educational, as many members do not know where all the gardens are.

The Membership Committee, Jane Martin and M.J. Bachman, organized the tour. Joan O’Brien, Civic Gardens Coordinator, also went along.

Below are photos taken by Jane and Joan. Unfortunately, they forgot to take a picture at Moulton’s Oval, which was the first stop.

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One thought on “Photos from June 13 Civic Gardens Tour

  1. Wow, what a group of hearty gardeners!! We should be very proud of our civic contribution to this beautiful town. Thanks MJ and Jane for organizing and promoting our gardens. Thanks Joan OBrien for all you do to inspire all of us in the civic gardens!

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