Photos from Art in Bloom at the MFA

The Amherst Garden Club had the privilege of participating in “Art in Bloom” at the Museum of Fine Arts (April 29 – May 1). Works of art were paired with floral interpretations created by New England-area garden clubs.

Below are photos of our club’s floral arrangement, along with the paired work of art. The arrangement received much praise, including compliments from the museum’s in-house floral designers!

The Amherst Garden Club’s floral interpretation for Art in Bloom at the MFA
Art in Bloom at MFA April 2017

Thanks to those who did the work and represented The Amherst Garden Club so well. This team included Edie Gambee, who designed the arrangement, Jan Madigan, who managed all the details of our participation, and Jan Ward, who lent her professional expertise to the effort.

You’ll hear more about “Art in Bloom” at Thursday’s daytime meeting.


3 thoughts on “Photos from Art in Bloom at the MFA

  1. So proud of our entry! Great job Edie, Jan & Jan! Thanks for representing us at this MFA event.

  2. I have been going to Art in Bloom , forever it seems, and loved every annual trip. I have never had the experience of having been moved to tears – until this pairing. Magnificent job.

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