Pictures of Interest

Today, I have several great pictures to share with you.  First, look at the beautiful paper flowers that our crafters have made to furnish to New Horizons Soup Kitchen this month.  And they had loads of fun doing it! These are certain to brighten up many days at the Soup Kitchen.

Next, a few pictures of the plant sale kickoff at the daytime meeting this month.  Is this an enthusiastic fundraising team, or what?  If you haven’t already signed up to join in some of the fun, be sure to do so at the April meeting, or contact the right person as indicated in last month’s newsletter.


Finally, a few pictures of AGC member Deb Ferrelli, who recently moved to Florida, at her new home with Marti Warren who was able to visit recently.  Marti said Deb wanted her to say hello to everyone. Hi, Deb!



Deb's Garden

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