The Power of Lavender

From Jeanne Nevard

Attention Holiday shoppers:

If you want to mail order a unique, garden created gift go to the website for the Peace Valley Lavender Farm in my home state of Pennsylvania. I brought in some of their items to the Perennial Group.

The fabrics for the sachets, the variety of items & the pure, fresh essences of the lavender is superb! Jeanne Nevard

If   you visit us in the summer you can walk through the fragrant   lavender fields and pick your own bouquet….and   if you can’t stop by, well the next best thing might be a virtual tour. PVLF   was profiled on PBS 39 Tempo TV – Click here to watch   the show.

Historical anecdotes tell us that the lavender field workers and perfumers of the Middle Ages survived the Black Death and other plagues because lavender protected them from the lethal bacteria.

The power of lavender to stimulate and supplement in the body’s healing forces is unmatched by modern pharmaceuticals. And amidst the aromatic plants, there seems to be no other plant essence equaling its broad properties.

It can kill pathogens in the air and in nasal sinuses and respiratory airways. It stimulates the immune system, yet it’s also analgesic, soothing muscle aches, taking the pain out of insect bites and much more.

Not only does lavender have hydrating, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is also a nerve tonic and an antidepressant, boosting one’s spirits as well as helping to beat “the blues” that accompany immune stress and illness.

In addition, modern studies of burn patients have confirmed that oil of lavender eases pain, enhances healing and prevents scar tissue from forming. All of this is done non-toxically!

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