Moulton’s Oval Garden Gets a Sundial

If you’ve passed Moulton’s Oval lately, you may have noticed the new armillary sundial. The arrival of this sundial ends a long wait to find an ornament that would add balance and interest to this garden. The Moulton’s Oval garden team considered many ideas —including a boulder,  birdbath, or sculpture. Then garden club member Peter Sevier offered to make a sundial, and that sounded perfect.

Armillary Sundial in Moulton’s Oval Garden (July 2018)


Creating an accurate sundial takes skill and precision. What a surprise to learn that Peter knew how to bend steel and engrave brass. He even contacted the North American Sundial Society for guidance.

While Peter worked on the sundial, the search began to find a suitable base. The Department of Public Works invited the club to look through their piles of leftover boulders and blocks, and the team selected a couple good-sized pieces of granite. Perry Day and his DPW crew then kindly delivered them to the oval. After the garden team relocated a few perennials to make space, a thoughtful and capable passerby “muscled’ the rocks into place.

Peter was on site and already had a plan for how to mount the sundial to the granite. It had to be positioned precisely to be an accurate timepiece. The fixed brass rod in the center points north and is parallel to the earth’s axis. As the sun appears to move across the sky, the rod casts a shadow on the “equatorial ring” of Roman numerals, one for each hour from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

You are welcome to approach the sundial as a path has been cleared. For best results, check it out on a sunny day.

AGC Celebrates the 4th of July

Once again the Amherst Garden Club participated in the 4th of July parade, winning “Chairman’s Choice” for their theme:We the People… of the Amherst Garden Club!

Congratulations to organizers Joan Poltack, Dawn Burke, and Diane Merrithew, and to everyone who came out to walk. Thank you for representing our club so well and for promoting the many ways that we — the people of the Amherst Garden Club — contribute to this community. You made us proud. (Photo credits: Joan Poltack and Becky Stoughton)




Garden Club Awards Scholarships

Amber Paquette, Hannah Kershaw, and Hannah Pike

Each year the Amherst Garden Club awards one or more scholarships to encourage promising students to study horticulture, botany, plant science, landscape design, or environmental science as it relates to horticulture.

Congratulations to this year’s deserving recipients: Amber Paquette, who will continue her studies at SUNY Cobleskill, Hannah Kershaw (Souhegan High School graduate), who will attend the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, and Hannah Pike (Souhegan High School graduate), who will head to Keene State College.

Do You Know Where This Garden Is?

This beautiful little garden — which many residents don’t even know exists — is nestled behind Town Hall alongside the wheelchair ramp. This “pocket garden” was planted around 2005 and is lovingly tended by Mary Salmon. Stop by and take a look while the blue delphiniums are in top form.

While you’re there, be sure to admire the container gardens on the front steps and in the horse trough. This year’s color theme is purple, yellow, and green.  The careful observer will notice eggplant and celery growing among the flowers!

Jane Martin Civic Gardens Walk

On a perfect June morning, club members took a casual stroll through the village to visit five of our civic gardens. M.J. Bachman and Barbara Williams organized the walk, with Joan O’Brien accompanying.

At the Brick School garden we ran into Sally Hooper pruning the rose bushes, with her dog “Rico,” rescued from Puerto Rico, looking on.

The tour ended with lemonade and cookies in the Library back garden. Special thanks to Marti Warren and Meg Clemens for being on hand to talk about the Library gardens.

Also thanks to Sue Batchelder for the sunflower seedlings, which we each took to plant in honor of Jane. If you’d like to plant a sunflower for Jane, contact Sue — she may have extras.

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A Sunflower for Jane

Jane was a person who comes into your life only
because of chance and being at the right place at
the right time.

When I look at a sunflower and
see the details; the stem, the petals
and seeds, these remind me of
Jane and describe her perfectly.

The stem: tall, graceful and
steady. Jane is always cheerful
and warm, since the day we met
I will always see her beautiful smile.

The Petals: the multitude of petals reflect the
many people who lives she touched. The
uncountable number of friends that surrounded
her. Jane loved wearing the color yellow.

The seeds: the mass number of seeds in one
flower, propagate and feed birds and other
wildlife and humans too! Jane’s charisma was
huge, real and always caring. She embraced
friendship and taught how to be a friend.

The round flower head with the huge smile will
forever say “Hey Jane, this sunflower is for you!”

~ MJ Bachman

2018 Annual Luncheon Concludes Another Great Year

Garden club members gathered at the Mile Away restaurant in Milford on June 7 for the club’s annual luncheon and final business meeting of the year.  The weather was perfect for touring the gardens. Thank you to Vice President Becky Stoughton for arranging this wonderful event, President Doffie Farrar for her heartfelt remarks looking back on the year, and Deb DellOrfano for the musical accompaniment. Photos below courtesy of the indispensable Marti Warren. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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Garden Club Helps Fund “Free Seed Program”

The Amherst Garden Club has granted funds to the UNH Extension Service Master Gardeners to help finance their “Free Seed Program.” Through this program, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds donated by seed companies making room for new inventory are distributed to school and youth organization gardens across New Hampshire.

The Amherst Garden Club is pleased to help fund this worthy project, which will promote the love of gardening throughout the Granite State.

The Amherst Garden Club presents a check to Gary Sheehan, Organizer for the UNH Extension Service Free Seed Program